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SWRP Rules
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Respect: First and foremost, all members are entitled to respect on this site, and disrespect toward a fellow member (staffer or not) will not be tolerated. You are a cherished member of the community that is not to be condescended to, ordered around, or belittled by anyone. If you do have any issues with someone disrespecting you, please notify a staff member to handle the situation.

Site Rating: This site is rated R, which indicates that language, violence, and some sexual situations may be present on the site. However, please refrain from the use of anything considered pornographic.

Member Account: Multiple accounts are allowed. Although all characters created should be contained under one account. Please refrain from using any names that are inappropriate or offensive as your user name.

Assistance: Do not be afraid to ask for any help. The staff is here to provide any assistance and to answer any questions about the site and its content.

Writing: There is no hierarchy system in place that tells you what to write or when to writer. You are an equal co-author of a story. If it was not for you contributing to this story, nobody would be able to do anything and they may as well be writing their own novel.

Staff Members have Final Say: Just as it states, the staff have the final say in matters. However, the staff will do its best to remain unbiased and as fair as possible. If necessary, the staff will even construct polls in order to better gauge the thoughts of the members on the site.

Banning: The banning of members from this site is often the result of a community vote that has been called after said member had broken a number of rules and has generally made a number of members uncomfortable. The length of time of the banishment can vary depending on the offense.

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