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Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: October 04 2017, 15:56   Subject: Leaked Book Scan From The Last Jedi Reveals Spoilers


Link to article at theforce.net.
Post Forum: Board Rules   Posted: October 03 2017, 16:49   Subject: SWRP Rules

Respect: First and foremost, all members are entitled to respect on this site, and disrespect toward a fellow member (staffer or not) will not be tolerated. You are a cherished member of the community...
Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: October 03 2017, 16:02   Subject: Science and Star Wars: Helper Droids

Post Forum: Bulletin Board   Posted: October 02 2017, 21:28   Subject: Oct 2017 Soft Open

We will be planning to have a soft open for staff and a few small members here soon. The goal is to open before the end of the month.
Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: October 02 2017, 20:13   Subject: SW:Battlefront 2 New Trailer

Post Forum: Docking Bays   Posted: October 02 2017, 20:11   Subject: Ehren's Absence Thread

I will be noting my absences here, if any at all.

For that matter, I am back now after a week off for work. Time to resume construction!
Post Forum: Forum Games   Posted: October 02 2017, 20:10   Subject: What are you listening to?

What are you listening to?

Smoke and Mirrors - Imagine Dragons
Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: August 30 2017, 02:02   Subject: The Last Jedi Teases Two New Vehicles


In Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the First Order’s military might goes next level.

As revealed in this week’s episode of The Star Wars Show, The Last Jedi will see the debut of two deadly new vehic...
Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: August 29 2017, 19:06   Subject: Star Wars Rebels S3 Available Today!


BURBANK, California, June 28, 2017 –– Star Wars Rebels: Complete Season Three delivers all 22 action-packed episodes of the hit CG animated series’ third season, plus exclusive, never-before-s...
Post Forum: Star Wars Talk   Posted: August 29 2017, 18:24   Subject: The Ultimate Guide To Force Friday II


Force Friday II weekend kicks off on September 1, and with it the launch of new products inspired by Star Wars: The Last Jedi. But to quote Luke Skywalker, “It’s so much bigger!” There will be...
Post Forum: Absences   Posted: August 29 2017, 16:30   Subject: Absences

Going to be gone for a while or leaving permanently? Stop by this forum and let us know when you'll be back. If you a re prone to frequent absences please make a thread and post in that one thread. Th...
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